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Schileren System

Schileren Imaging System

Schlieren imaging system is an optical system that detects changes within a test area medium (air) and records the changes in the form of an image on a screen. The image is formed by refraction and scattering from what is introduced into the test area, which are areas of varying refractive index.


Fastec Imaging

Based in San Diego, CA, Fastec specializes in uniquely portable and affordable high-speed camera systems, including handheld point-and-shoot systems, compact PC-controlled cameras, and long-duration record systems. Fastec cameras are used in many applications for manufacturing, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, packaging, pulp & paper, energy, aviation, science, academic research and training, athletics, and artistic and commercial video production.

Petri Dish

"It's the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen."

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