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Motion Analysis Software

Image Systems Motion Analysis

Image Systems Motion Analysis offers accurate and valuable measuring results – fast. Our software is used in hundreds of different applications where the movement, orientation or shape of an object, shall be measured and analysed.

The 2 different motion analysis versions are TEMA and TRACKEYE. The TEMA software is used for advanced motion analysis of industrial test and design applications. Its accurate tracking algorithms, advanced motion analysis and excellent presentation tools are crucial for delivering the highest quality test results. TrackEye provides image analysis solutions for the military reconnaissance and testing markets all around the world.

Photron Fastcam Analysis

PFA has been designed to be used as an assistant function for Photron FASTCAM Viewer (hereafter referred to as PFV), the camera control software for FASTCAM cameras. With PFA, it is possible to analyze motion within an image sequence imported from PFV in order to obtain values for displacement, velocity and acceleration. Following analysis, it is possible to achieve synchronized playback of the data graphs and images.

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