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Illumination System

Cavitar Laser

Cavitar - See what you have missed
Cavitar offers unique diode laser illumination solutions for the precise and continuous real-time monitoring of various industrial processes. We help end-users to improve quality, productivity and safety, to speed up production and increase yield.

AITEC Lighting

AITEC is a manufacturer of high power LED lighting. AITEC is constantly engaged in development and design to meet customer requirements in terms of design, cost-effectiveness, brightness, uniformity and service life etc

Dynamic LED lighting

This range of high power LED light series consists of several models that are designed for high-speed motion photography. Built to Hi-G standard, it can operate in harsh conditions such as in the Automotive Safety Testing facilities.  As a low power high efficient lighting unit, it can produce high-intensity light with minimal power consumption. It can operate at long working hours in continuous light mode.  As this lighting emits very low heat it is also widely used in electronics, Semicon, research institutes and R&D product reliability testing facilities.

Revox Illuminator

REVOX entered the Machine Vision market in 2005. REVOX develops and manufactures high performance LED lighting equipment for automated web and surface inspection.

Their high performance LED Line Lighting SPX-TA family and Fiber Illuminator SLG family have earned high reputation from customers in the industries of plastics, film, steel, paper, FPDs and solar panels.

Petri Dish

"It's the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen."

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