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Schlieren System

Schlieren Imaging System

The Schlieren imaging systems provide a powerful technique to visualize fluctuations in optical density of a medium or changes or nonuniformities in refractive index.  Our customised schlieren system have two aluminized parabolic mirrors over coated with silicon monoxide and mounted in gimbal mounts, pointed LED light Source and Knife edge adjuster. High Speed Camera is used to capture the slow motion of the phenomenon. Gimbal mounts for the parabolic mirrors eliminate unwanted linear beam translation during adjustment. We have different models of the same system with different mirror sizes and focal length.

1. Parabolic Mirror (Qty: 2Nos)

Diameter : 150mm-300mm

Focal Length : 1200mm – 1500mm

Surface Quality : 40 – 20 (Scratch-dig)

Material : Borofloat

Coating : Protective aluminium

Reflectivity Ravg : >88% @ 450-2000nm

2. Gimbal Mirror Mount for Parabolic Mirror (Qty : 2 Nos)

Coarse travel : 360 degree

Fine travel : +/- 6 degree

Travel range : 360 degree

Linear resolution : 0.01mm

Sensitivity : 4 arc sec

Mounting holes : M6 slots


Material : Aluminium alloy

Finish : Black anodized

3. LED point light source with variable power supply & condenser optics (Qty = 1 Set)

LED : 3W high bright white

Intensity : adjustable


Optics : Multi element design

4. Knife Edge with Precision Mount (Qty = 1 Set)

Adjustable in all 3-Axis

Petri Dish

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