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Polarisation Series

Birefringence Measurement Systems


Our wide-range birefringence measurement PA/WPA series systems provide high-speed birefringence measurement of transparent and semi-transparent materials, such as lenses and other transparent components, for residual stress evaluation, or transparent films for phase uniformity evaluation.

Ranging from microscopic to macroscopic (~50cm), the field of view can be adapted to pretty much any measurement FOV. Regardless of your subject matter, we believe we have a system for every size.

The dedicated software supplied provides such options as changing the field of view size and increased measurement range for high-retardation samples. Various filters, such as noise reduction or local variation enhancement etc., are provided to help your data analysis tasks, plus configurable and multiple filters can be applied simultaneously. Software analysis functionality is also available to extend PA/WPA system functionality to meet your most demanding polarization imaging needs.

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