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Illumination System

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Typical application examples include welding, flow and spray studies, material testing, ballistics and explosions. CAVILUX HF is compatible with schlieren and shadowgraphy optical solutions.

The high maximum duty cycle (2 %) of CAVILUX HF enables it to operate at frame rates up to several hundreds of thousands of frames per second.


High power and brightness (up to 500 W coupled to a 1.5 mm diameter fiber)

Ability to generate pulses at high speed (e.g. 20.000 fps) or ultra-high-speed (e.g. 1 million fps)

Pulse length from 50 ns to 200 µs possible

Monochromatic and low-coherence light

High flexibility through fiber optics and changeable illumination optics

Petri Dish

"It's the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen."


  • Powerful high-frequency pulsed diode laser light source for visualization of demanding applications

  • For high-temperature processes – see through heat and blinding brightness

  • Accurate imaging of processes involving even extremely

  • small and/or fast objects

  • Ability to generate pulses at high speed

  • Versatility by varying pulse duration and repetition rate

  • Shortness of pulses eliminates motion blur – better and more accurate images for analyzing

  • Possibility to generate up to five pulses per one camera exposure

  • Monochromatic and low-coherence light ensures the best possible image quality – without chromatic aberrations or speckle

  • High flexibility through changeable illumination optics that enable setups even in limited space and with long working distances



  • Consists of a control unit, laser unit(s), control software and illumination optics

  • One control unit can drive 1…4 laser units (including CAVILUX Smart) and

  • synchronize 1…4 cameras

  • Can receive or provide 5 V TTL signal for camera synchronization

Laser unit(s)

  • Wavelength options 640 nm (visible) and 810 nm (invisible)

  • Output power options for

  • 640 nm: 280 W

  • 810 nm: 500 W

  • Laser class 4

  • Green laser pointer for easier alignment

Variability through generation of pulses and pulse patterns

  • Pulse duration 50 ns … 10 μs (also 200 μs for 810 nm on request)

  • Duty cycle 2 % for max 10 s (also ultra-high-speed mode available)

  • Continuous mode with 0,3 ‰ duty cycle

  • Generation of single pulses or bursts of pulses (max 5 pulses / bursts) at high

  • repetition rate

  • Practical repetition rates up to a few hundred kilohertz

  • Stand-alone operation

Versatility through changeable fiber optic illumination

  • Adjustable illumination with lens (standard solution)

  • Direct illumination from fiber optics

  • Uniform back-illumination (e.g. shadow imaging)

  • Line profile illumination (e.g. flow, welding)

  • Light sheet illumination

Pulse duration / frequency

Pulse duration        Normal mode (1)         High-speed mode (2)

* 50 ns                       6.000 Hz                          400.000 Hz

 100 ns                        3.000 Hz                          200.000 Hz

  500 ns                       600 Hz                             40.000 Hz

  1 μs                             300 Hz                              20.000 Hz

  10 μs                           30 Hz                                 2.000 Hz

200 μs                          1,5 Hz                                 100 Hz

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